Virtual Counsel Engagements

The Insurance Law experience you need, when you need it.

If you find that your team routinely runs into regulatory and other insurance-specific legal questions, yet you don’t have in-house legal resources available to address those issues, a “virtual counsel” arrangement with ACCEL Law Group may make sense for you.

How it works

  • 1
    ACCEL Law Group will work with you to understand the nature and frequency of the issues you face.
  • 2
    We will then propose a monthly retainer that enables your team to contact us with questions or issues without worrying about running up billable hours.
  • 3
    Our team can fill the role of a knowledgeable in-house attorney available to consult on the day-to-day matters that are sure to arise in the course of your business.

Short or Long-Term and Adjustable to Fit Your Needs
The work that falls under this arrangement is covered under the retainer. Periodically, we will review the level of activity and may propose adjusting the retainer (up or down) to ensure fairness to all parties.

ACCEL’s Virtual Counsel engagements can be employed as a long-term solution or to fill a short-term need.

When “Virtual Counsel” Makes Sense

  • You lack in-house legal counsel
  • Your in-house legal steam is short on capacity
  • Your team faces specialized issues that your in-house legal team is unable to handle
  • Your internal legal team is not well versed in insurance and regulatory matters
  • You have a temporary need while trying to add or replace in-house legal staff

The Insurance experience you need, when you need it.

In our experience, the “virtual counsel” relationship offers several benefits:

  • From a planning and budgeting standpoint, your commitment is known and predictable with no surprises.

  • The retainer level can be modulated up or down to reflect changes in activity that may occur in your business.

  • When you feel it may be time to bring this legal function in-house, you have a ready reference point against which to judge the investment of adding new staff.

Insurance Attorneys who understand your business and become part of your team

Strategically, when ACCEL provides “on-call” services, we become more intimately familiar with your business, and your team becomes more comfortable leaning on us for counsel.

As we become more in-tune with your business and emerging issues, we can often make pro-active recommendations rather than wait for the phone to ring (often when it’s too late to avoid an issue). And as your team learns that they can safely call on us without running up expense, they will access advice that may help pre-empt avoidable problems.

Perhaps most importantly, you can add decades of specialized insurance law experience to your team even when you might not justify a full-time hire.

Typical Services Included in a Virtual Counsel Engagement

  • Consultation on “one-off” questions related to general regulatory topics, including due diligence issues
  • Research to provide a sampling or overview on various regulatory topics
  • Regulatory review of agreements, including transactional document templates

  • Responding to inquiries from regulators
  • Phone, video and email support related to the foregoing

Convenient access to legal advice for day-to-day insurance law matters

ACCEL Law Group attorneys will serve as your “outsourced” legal department, or supplement your existing legal department, providing guidance for the day-to-day issues that arise in the operation of your company.

And because ACCEL Law Group focuses exclusively on insurance entities, we can help you avoid moves that could make life more complicated down the line.

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