About ACCEL Law Group

ACCEL Law Group is the pre-eminent law firm focused on insurance agency and brokerage transactions, M&A and regulatory compliance counsel.

ACCEL Law Group specializes in advising clients on complex mergers, acquisitions and regulatory matters involving insurance agents and brokers.

The firm is led by industry veterans Chuck Welsh and Mike Griffin, former partners in major international law firms with more than 40 years of combined experience serving insurance industry clients. Our unique practice model has attracted a team of talented attorneys from the insurance industry and other regulated markets. Our continued growth is a reflection of our unrivaled subject matter expertise combined with client-friendly engagements and a dedication to client satisfaction (see Testimonials).

Big Law Firm Expertise From A Specialty Firm Focused on Insurance Intermediaries

ACCEL Law Group is the only significant law firm we are aware of that focuses exclusively on serving insurance intermediaries. Our team spent years in large multinational law firms and insurance companies and has worked on the most sophisticated of insurance agent/broker matters. Today, we have a focused firm with an engaging culture that works well with clients of all sizes and stages. With clients ranging from Main Street to Wall Street, we’ve seen all the complexities this market can create and are prepared to solve them in your favor.

ACCEL Law Group Highlights (since 2020)

> $0
Value of Deals Closed ($BILLION)
Top 25 Brokers Represented in M&A and Regulatory Matters
Transactions Completed

Note:  Typical deal size ranges from $3 million to $300+ million.

Client Testimonials

“I want to express my gratitude for the guidance, patience, and hard work of the ACCEL team as we worked towards the signing of our recap event.  Your support through this process and throughout our firm’s history has been critical to our successful outcome yesterday.  Our shareholders will be meaningfully impacted, and your efforts greatly contributed to this success.”

CFO & Chief Acquisition Officer, National “Top 100” Agency

“We just completed the acquisition of an agency represented by Chuck Welsh and the ACCEL team. They are are light years ahead when it comes shepherding an insurance agency through the M&A process. This transaction presented several legal challenges, and their efforts made the process run smoothly for both parties.”

Chief Corporate Counsel, Leading Private Equity Backed Independent Insurance Agency

“I would recommend the ACCEL Law Group to anyone that is considering the sale of their agency business. Mike Griffin and the ACCEL team are incredibly responsive to the needs of their clients.”

President, Florida P&C Agency

“Thank you, and the entire ACCEL Team, for once again showing us why you guys are the best in the business!”

Chief Acquisition Officer, Leading National Insurance Brokerage

“We recently sold our brokerage firm, and was glad we had the team from the ACCEL Law Group on our side. They have a keen understanding of the insurance agency and brokerage industry. Their knowledge in purchase and sale transactions was extremely effective in helping us close the deal.”

President, National Brokerage and Consulting Firm
“Whether I was dealing with Chuck Welsh or Dan Kalosieh, I always felt confident throughout the process that ACCEL Team was always looking out for our best interests.”
President, Regional Independent Adjusting Company
“Dan Kalosieh has been a dream legal partner to work with on this deal and deserves a lot of credit for his calm professional and proactive approach.”
Vice President, National Insurance Agency
“MJ’s work ethic and attitude are to be commended. This was maybe the most difficult closing I have experienced. MJ and Mike Griffin were superb.”
President, National M&A Brokerage Company
“I could not have asked to work with a more committed and diligent team to get us through this transaction. You all fought hard for our best interests and compromised only when it made sense. In addition to your professional advice, your personal advice was equally as valuable and very much appreciated by our team.”
President, National Insurance Agency

“It has been a genuine pleasure working with Yulia. It is great to meet such a capable and kind woman who is clearly great at what she does! When we say we could not have done this transaction without you, it is heartfelt.”

Senior Manager, National Insurance Agency
“Because of your hard work and diligence, we were able to secure and close on the sale of my business on our terms. I could not be happier with everything you did for me and I would recommend your firm to anyone in my Industry.”
President, Regional Independent Adjusting Company
“Yulia has been a tremendous help already, and her work product here has hit the mark – excellent choice for this project and I’m very glad I reached out for help!”
General Counsel, National Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency and Brokerage Mergers and Acquisitions

ACCEL Law Group is a leader in insurance agency and brokerage transactions. Our experience representing large institutional buyers and private equity investors in insurance agency acquisitions allows us to represent small and medium-sized independent agencies in the sale of their business and puts them on equal footing with the buyer.

We also work with agent and broker clients growing their businesses through producer hiring and smaller account acquisitions. Our experience sets us apart when it comes to industry-specific issues and has allowed us to successfully close hundreds of transactions involving agencies and brokerages.

We bring a sophisticated practice to sell-side principals looking for efficient, cost effective expertise with in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and the business of agents and brokers. We understand their business, have a keen understanding of these transactions, and get the deals across the finish line!

Regulatory & Compliance Counsel

Whether it’s in the course of everyday business or in the heat of a transaction, insurance agencies and brokerages face complex regulatory questions that must be handled right. ACCEL’s team of insurance attorneys offers deep insurance regulatory experience to ensure that you remain compliant with all relevant jurisdictions. We can provide strategic regulatory counsel, compliance audits and can help you deal with department of insurance inquiries. Learn more about our regulatory and compliance services here.

Separately, our sister firm, ACCEL Compliance provides non-legal compliance services to assist you in managing your firm’s compliance obligations.

ACCEL Law Group Culture & Values

Our founders created ACCEL Law Group to allow attorneys to do sophisticated work but without all the stuffiness and rigidity found in most large law firms. They left the “big law” environment in 2014 with the goal of providing value to our clients and livable, engaging careers to everyone on our team. We take great pride in providing responsive and informed counsel to our clients, and we also deeply embrace the need to balance work and family. We understand that value is not measured just by the number of hours billed or time spent in the office.

Testimonials from the ACCEL Team

I was hesitant to join another law firm. Having been an associate at a law firm for a number of years, I knew that model and I knew it was not for me. But I sensed that ACCEL was different.

What attracted me to ACCEL was the culture. The founders had both come from big law firms and wanted to keep the sophistication and client focus that a large firm offers, while removing all of the bureaucracy and politics that are inherent in the large law firm model. At ACCEL, we do interesting work with a great team and service clients who appreciate us.

My years at ACCEL have been the most rewarding professionally and I (and I suspect my colleagues) know that ACCEL is a place where you can spend your entire career.

I have been working in the insurance industry for years and my former employers ranged from state agencies to a major corporation. However, I did not have a background in M&A. When I saw a job posting at ACCEL, I saw it as an opportunity to challenge myself to learn a new area of practice.

Working at a law firm for the first time and having so much to learn was intimidating. However, once I met our amazing team, I had no doubts that ACCEL was the right fit for me. The mentoring and encouragement I have received here made all the difference.

The firm’s culture motivates associates to grow professionally while feeling supported by the entire team. I think ACCEL offers great opportunities for attorneys regardless of where they are in their career journey.

Since the moment I stepped into my role as a Law Clerk, my experience with the ACCEL Law Group team has been nothing short of amazing.

ACCEL cultivates a “team” atmosphere where the attorneys and staff have continuously motivated, encouraged, and supported me through my law school education while simultaneously pursuing ACCEL’s goals to serve clients and provide a dedicated team with expertise in complex transactions.

My experience at ACCEL has provided me with a fast-paced environment where everyday I work on challenging and unique assignments. As a young, soon-to-be attorney, ACCEL has proved to be a great place to jump-start my career.

Prior to joining ACCEL, my practice focused on insurance defense litigation, so I often questioned whether a transition to a transactional firm would be feasible. But my concerns quickly disappeared once I became a member of the ACCEL team.

The support and guidance I received from the team made the transition seamless and allowed me to succeed and become a senior associate. During my time at ACCEL, I have become the lead attorney on transactions and taken on more responsibility related to complex research projects and client concerns.


Meet ACCEL Compliance

In 2014, the founders of ACCEL Law Group formed our sister company, ACCEL Compliance. ACCEL Compliance offers a broad range of insurance regulatory and compliance services and software. Services include complete license management, surplus lines tax filing, producer onboarding and more.

Their expert team spends every day working with regulators and the ever-changing complexities of insurance requirements. By partnering with ACCEL Compliance, you gain access to full-time insurance compliance specialists who will keep your organization compliant and can scale with your growth.

PLEASE NOTE:  ACCEL Compliance is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.

Questions?  We’d love to hear from you!