General Counsel “On-Call”

Many insurance agents and brokers don’t need a full-time chief legal officer, but still need frequent access to legal counsel. Alternatively, some insurance agents and brokers have internal legal resources, but they may need insurance-specialized legal services (or are simply overwhelmed with other internal demands and obligations and need a trusted and reliable outlet!)

The Insurance experience you need, when you need it.

ACCEL Law Group makes our decades of insurance law experience available to clients of all types (from start-ups to public companies) through a convenient fixed monthly retainer. We’ll discuss your expected needs and mutually agree to a retainer level. If your legal needs change, we can adjust the retainer any time. These engagements can be used as a temporary or longer-term solution for your ongoing legal needs. No fixed term commitment!

How it works

Once engaged, your team can contact an ACCEL attorney who is familiar with your firm and strategy without worrying about racking up billable hours. Our team members have decades of combined legal experience working as in-house attorneys in regulated areas, such as insurance companies and health care companies. We understand the in-house time pressures and the need to be efficient and focus on the key issues that matter to you.

Convenient access to legal advice for day-to-day insurance law matters

ACCEL Law Group attorneys will serve as your “outsourced” legal department, or supplement your existing legal department, providing guidance for the day-to-day issues that arise in the operation of your company.

And because ACCEL Law Group focuses exclusively on insurance entities, we can help you avoid moves that could make life more complicated down the line.

Questions?  We’d love to hear from you!